Whether it is cheese & beer, sushi & beer or pizza & beer. It all falls under personal preference or choice of taste. Today Culinaria HK, Italian Wine Importer in Hong Kong , got some suggestion and recipes recommendation for you and our customers to enjoy and cheers yourself up!

“Beer is a great match for food” When pairing or choosing the right combination for beer and food, it all comes down to matching the food’s flavors to the flavors of the beers.

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.” – Dave Barry

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Did you know about the Italian beers yet?  Beers with a strong identity and a lingering, unmistakable flavour. So what about Beer & Food Pairing?

  1. Beer and Sushi
    Can beer handle the ginger and wasabi? “If you’re eating sashimi, a hefeweizen is light enough, but the sweetness is there to bring out the sweetness of the raw fish and balance the wasabi.”—Judy Neff (Pints & Plates)“Sushi is a delicate food and for the most part should be paired with a delicate beer; possibly a Munich Helles such as Weihenstephaner Original or a premium American lager such as Full Sail’s Session. With spicier rolls I might choose something with a little more malt character such as a Munich dunkel or possibly even a Berliner Weisse that would have the acidity to match the character of ginger and rice vinegar.”—Ryan Spencer (Bailey’s Taproom)Sushi with beer
  2.  Beer with cheese
    We all are used to hearing that “Wine and Cheese are the best combo”, actually have u guys tried cheese with beer? “Wine may cover up some of the flavors in cheese while the carbonation in beer creates a lighter acidity and lifts the fats in the cheese off the palate,” says The Beer Sommelier, Matt Simpson. “Whether it’s a straight-up cheese platter, pizza, sandwich, goat cheese salad, almost any beer is a go when it comes to cheese.Here are few pairing recommendation for you
    Try Stouts With Blue Cheeses
    Belgian choices with German Cheeses
    IPAs Pair Well With Cheddarsbeer and cheese pairing chart
    Credits: https://beerandbrewing.com/craft-beer-and-cheese-the-perfect-pair/
  3.  Beer with pizza
    Just like wine and cheese, certain pizzas and beers were meant for each other. Pizza, of course the most popular dish in Italy or most places around the world. Italian pizza with Italian Beer? Why not..
    Margherita and Pale Ale: The lightness of the beer will also not drown out the subtle flavor of the mozzarella but rather push it to the forefront, allowing cheese to be the center of attention, as it should be.beer and food pairing
  4.  Most Popular Choice, BEER & BURGERS!

    1. Exclusive pairing tips to help you enjoy and cheer up your meal to the max..- Spicy flavors: Pilsners and Helles-style lagers will cool the heat, while hoppy IPAs pair well with spicy flavors to accentuate the heat.
      – Savory flavors: Porters, Schwarzbiers, nutty brown ales, and amber beers complement mushrooms and some aged cheeses, such as Swiss and Gouda.
      – Rich flavors: American wheat beers, Belgian golden ales, hoppy American pale ales, and IPAs cut the richness of avocados, creamy dressings, and goat cheese.
      – Crisp, fresh flavors: Clean lagers, such as Kolsch or American blonde ales, pair well with cucumbers, lettuce, and tomato.
      – Acidic flavors: Spicy saisons, witbiers, English style pale ales, and American wheat beers work well with pickles, vinaigrettes, citrus, and mustards.
      – Smoky flavors: A porter or doppleblock pairs nicely with smoky bacon or other cured meats. In contrast, a sharp IPA will cut the sweetness of maple bacon.Credit: https://beerandbrewing.com/pairing-craft-beer-and-burgers/

    Vegetable burger and Oppale

    burger and beer hong kong


  5. Last but not the least, Beer & Dessert (Chocolate truffles and beer)

Atra, the best Italian beer to go with truffles.. Truffles with chestnut cream flavoured with cinnamon and ginger.

The best brown beer , gently bitterish due to the roasted barley, which also imparts aromas of coffee, caramel and chocolate. Beer with typical Belgian light watery body.

side dishes of beans and lentils, chocolate cake, crème caramel, cooked cream.

truffles and beer


Some cheatsheet resources about Beer & Food Pairing

Credit: craftbeer.com


By now, you should have some idea already. What’s for tonight?. At Culinaria HK, we source the best Italian Beers in Hong Kong with premium Italian Snacks at the best price guaranteed. Also Did you know? we deliver them to your home for free as well..

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