Fossa Mala Friulano DOC Friuli Grave 2016

HK $268.00


Ancient native wine, a very symbol of these distinguished lands. A past based on the Tocai, and a present and future on the “Friulano”, the noble denomination which represents the indissoluble link between our region and the history of this great wine. We would like you to rediscover – in our Fossa Mala Friulano – the synthesis of our tradition and passion.

The grape harvest occurs in the first two weeks of September, and the must obtained is a cuvee of must prepared for white wine and soaked, to magnify the typical character of the wine. Fermentation in the stainless-steel tank is a slow process, and the temperature is strictly controlled. This yields a Fruliano, which has a deep straw-yellow colour and is delicate, fruity and rich, containing almond notes which give it a unique distinguishing flavour.

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